Putting Your Team First - Sarah Eustis - Defining Hospitality - Episode #105

While amenities play a role in satisfying customers, true hospitality grows from your team. Our guest this week is on a mission to build things that last, and create places with soul and purpose that leave lasting memories. She grew up in the hospitality industry and is responsible for some of the most iconic hotels in New England. Joining the show this week is Founder and CEO at Main Street Hospitality Group, Sarah Eustis! Host Dan Ryan interviews Sarah for a masterclass on creating memorable experiences where she shares how to empower your employees, creating consistent levels of hospitality, and how to go the extra mile to wow customers. 

  • For Sarah, hospitality means creating a sense of both belonging and connection. True hospitality comes not from complimentary breakfasts or high thread count sheets, but a feeling of welcome in your guests. 
  • Satisfaction can be hard to measure, but the most effective methods are reviews and return rates. A good review means a customer had a great experience, and a high return rate means they are choosing you over the numerous other options available. 
  • While you may offer hotels that vary in price point, that doesn’t mean they need to vary in the level of hospitality. A more expensive hotel may have more amenities, but the level of service, care, and hospitality the staff provide should be the same across the board. 
  • While a standard operating procedure is essential to running a business, it can create a rigid experience for guests. If you empower your staff, and allow them to break SOP without permission, they can create a better experience for your guests.
  • When amenities are unavailable to guests, using words like “unfortunately” focus the guest on the negative aspect of the service you are trying to provide. Instead, using the phrases like “I wish I could” make the guest feel like you are on their side. 
  • When assessing new business partners, they need to pass the like, trust, and respect filter. The deal may look good on paper, but if you and a potential client don’t like each other, trust each other, and respect each other, it won’t be fully beneficial. 
  • A truly luxurious experience revolves around personalized experiences. At the Canoe Place, rooms come set to the guests requested temperature, mini bars are pre stocked with their favorites, and turndowns are done to reflect the side of the bed they sleep on.

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  • “The hospitality isn't better or worse depending on the price or the level of luxury of a hotel.” - Sarah Eustis


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Putting Your Team First - Sarah Eustis - Defining Hospitality - Episode #105
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