Understanding The Heart Of Third Party Management - Chris Green - Defining Hospitality - Ep#109

This week on Defining Hospitality, we have the pleasure of welcoming back a hospitality veteran who has consistently showcased his exceptional skills in the industry. As the guest on the third episode, he dove into his experiences as the leader of Chesapeake Hospitality. Returning to the show nearly two years later is President of Remington Hospitality, Chris Green. Chris reflects on the ways his definition of hospitality, and the industry at large, have evolved over the years. Chris sheds light on the process of merging Chesapeake Hospitality with Remington Hospitality, and the recent rebranding of the company. 

  • For Chris, hospitality comes not from the knowledge in your head, but the motivations in your heart. Hospitality is the combination of how you relate to others, how committed you are, and how you spend time with those around you. 
  • When you work with a variety of owners, you need to understand the heart and connection that each owner has. Some owners prioritize profits, while others prioritize service. Different requirements need different management styles. 
  • A merger of two companies takes work, but the most important work comes before the acquisition. Instead of assessing compatibility on economic plans alone, spend time making sure your cultures, values, and goals are in alignment. 
  • No matter what your business goals are, you can never let the focus come off of the people. People are the heart of your operation, and if you want to achieve success, you need to make sure your people are enabled for success. 
  • When a new opportunity arises, it’s usual to go out and find a new buyer to strike up a relationship with. However, if you present that opportunity to current clients instead, you shift from being a commodity to a true partner. 
  • Personal wellbeing programs are important to keep a company running smoothly, but the focus needs to be on all employees. It’s not enough for the C-suite to implement something they think works. You need proper feedback from ground level employees.

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  • “Hospitality is not hard, it’s heart.” - Chris Green


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Understanding The Heart Of Third Party Management - Chris Green - Defining Hospitality - Ep#109
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