Erudition And Elevation - Dr. Kimberly McGlonn - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 111

Our guest this week is a genuine disruptor in her industry. As the leader of a Bcorp, she strives to make real change in her community. She is a defender of civil and human rights, who works within the intersection of social and environmental justice. She’s the Host of “The School for Disrupters” podcast, a faculty member at Drexel University, and CEO and Founder of Grant BLVD. Give a warm welcome to Dr. Kimberly McGlonn!
Kimberly shares her motivations behind the work she does through Grant BLVD, and how she positions the company to provide support for those currently and formerly incarcerated. She’ll explore the process of telling a story through your partners, and how thoughtful design of uniforms can create a cohesive experience. 

  • For Kimberly, hospitality is focused on creating a sense of comfort, safety, and belonging in your guests. You need to replicate your own experiences, and allow others to have access to it.
  • Whether it’s a classroom, a restaurant, or hotel, hospitality is about creating a story that anchors people in the moment. Seating arrangements, uniforms, and decor are all integral chapters of that story that need to be cohesively organized.
  • When creating a great business, you need to focus on your impact, and the ways you measure and communicate it. When your business strives to be a force for good, you grow both your company, and your community. 
  • Business is all about telling the story of your values, and choosing the right partners can amplify those stories. By partnering with Grant BLVD or other companies that fight for good, you establish that those are the stories you want to share. 
  • Grant BLVD aims to combat the effects of incarceration and high recidivism rates in Philadelphia. To best serve her community, Kimberly has created a model to provide support and job opportunities to those currently and formerly incarcerated. 
  • A good uniform is well fitting and serves a purpose, a great uniform is united in design with the whole experience. By incorporating elements of color theory and aesthetic into your uniforms, customers are no longer walking into a business, but rather, a party.
  • When creating a dining space, cohesion is important. Your servers don’t literally need to be wearing the same fabric as the tablecloths, but every aspect should be tied into each other in one fluid design. 

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  • “That moment of feeling received is what I think we're all seeking to do in the ventures that we build.” - Kimberly McGlonn


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Erudition And Elevation - Dr. Kimberly McGlonn - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 111
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