Hospitality From Your Community - Scott Maloney - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 113

To create truly epic experiences, you need to combine both people and place. Our guest this week is a visionary leader of both extraordinary people and projects. He’s a Global Industry Group Champion in Entrepreneurs Organization and an Advisory Board Member for the College of Architecture and Environmental Design at Kent State University. Welcome to the show, Founder of K2M Design, Scott Maloney! 
Scott joins Host Dan Ryan to dive into the value of collecting nos, how to create epic experiences for guests, and how networks like Entrepreneurs Organization have helped him on his journey. 

  • Hospitality is about people and places coming together to create an epic experience where people are able to join to support dreams and desires. Some organizations are built to encourage the bonding of great minds.
  • The Entrepreneur's Organization is the epitome of hospitality in the senses that it creates a safe and confidential space for the members to learn from other inspiring people and be encouraged by them 
  • In the architecture and design space, hospitality means finding a compromise between a design being structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Being able to fulfill the safety requirements while listening to the vision will create loyalty from the building owner. 
  • Accepting a project requires a deep understanding of expectations followed by fulfillment or overachievement. In a business that heavily relies on referrals, one experience can cost or gain many million-dollar contracts. 
  • When trying to level up in size and costs of projects, it’s not a straightforward job of increasing size, but instead, improving the effort and quality of your work. Increased job cost requires increased experience and added value by the business. 
  • Development projects must be planned thoroughly before beginning for the sake of sustainability. Every change made will create by-products to be removed from the lot or funneled to another project and each decision needs to be made with intentionality.  
  • Hospitality exists inside the organization. Care must extend to employees. Leaders and owners need to be there for coworkers, caring for each of them and making sure everyone is successfully collaborating. 

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  • “You know what you need to do, follow your gut cuz it's gonna get you a long way. ” - Scott Maloney


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Hospitality From Your Community - Scott Maloney - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 113
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