Aligning Personal and Organizational Goals - Billie Thorne - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 118

The ideal business is one where the needs of the employees are balanced perfectly with the goals of the business. One key to finding this balance is hospitality among employees. On today’s episode of Defining Hospitality, Dan talks to an expert on working with your employees. Joining the show this week is Principal & Vice President at C+TC Design Studio, Billie Thorne

Billie and Dan Billie sit down to dive into her experiences as a leader in the world of hospitality. Billie shares ways to best work with your employees, how to be hospitable to your coworkers, and the importance of carving out time for self care. 

  • Hospitality is about kindness and finding where you are comfortable. Once you get settled in a good place, you can extend your hand to newer employees and help them learn and grow. 
  • Building a team of professionals requires different forms of guidance and understanding. Some people need to be prompted to think about their goals and aspirations and others need a small push to a healthy space outside their comfort zone.
  • Finding the right employees doesn’t only mean looking at a resume, rather, it involves feedback from members of the team. Team members who enjoy each other’s presence and can cooperate smoothly will be more willing to work together in person. 
  • Individual employee goals have to work in coordination with functional business. There has to be a balance between allowing people to focus on personal goals and working to maintain the profit and productivity of the business.
  • Work smarter not longer. Though long hours can be sometimes helpful for productivity, more often, you can achieve more on a regular day rather than working late, because as you reach the end of the day, fatigue slows your efficiency.
  • It is important to be hospitable to both clients and coworkers, but often, hospitality toward coworkers is overlooked. However, it can be shown when one employee helps another reach a deadline without being asked. 
  • In any industry, you may encounter problems that seem daunting. Cross-industry collaboration may prove useful to come up with unique solutions that aren’t typically used in certain situations. 

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  • “There are some mistakes everybody needs to make for themselves to learn from them.” - Billie Thorne


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Aligning Personal and Organizational Goals - Billie Thorne - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 118
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