The Importance Of Authenticity - Gene Gebolys - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 121

Our guest on this week’s episode is someone who over the past 25 years has played a pivotal role in the development and adoption of biofuels. He’s a forward thinking leader who is committed to creating a better world. Joining Dan Ryan is President and CEO at World Energy, Gene Gebolys!
Gene highlights the importance of achieving net zero, the value of being authentic, and the technology behind biofuels. 

  • Hospitality is about welcoming others into your space and putting them at ease. In the context of sustainability, it is crucial to focus on decarbonizing sectors like aviation and help people travel with a lower carbon impact, aligning their actions with their values.
  • Net zero is a critical concept in combating climate change, where the goal is to remove as much carbon as is emitted. Though offsets exist to absorb emitted carbon, their effectiveness and quality vary, calling for careful consideration in their implementation.
  • Offsets have been widely abused, leading to a lack of confidence in them. However, the use of insets, which displace carbon emissions in the same sector, provides a high-quality alternative to offsets that can effectively reduce a sector's carbon footprint.
  • Displacing fossil fuels with alternative energy sources may seem small in scale compared to the overall demand. However, it is crucial for leading brands to authentically uphold their net zero commitments and inspire other companies to join them.
  • The importance of embracing innovation, energy efficiency, and sustainable living, lies in their ability to create a more thoughtful, connected, and sustainable future for all. To move forward, we must embrace a more community focused way of life.
  • Approximately 9% of global carbon emissions are emitted during steel production. To address this, there is a growing need for increased efficiency and thoughtful design to reduce the creation and disposal of preventable waste.
  • By using wind energy to break water into Oxygen and Hydrogen, wind energy can be stored in the form of “green hydrogen”. This allows for a renewable energy source like wind, to be bottled up and transported across the globe. 

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  • “If you're a corporate leader today, how can you be a corporate leader on everything but the biggest problem the species faces?” - Gene Gebolys


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The Importance Of Authenticity - Gene Gebolys - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 121
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