Creating Legions Of Raving Fans - Younes Atallah - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 124

Our guest on this week’s episode is a wealth of knowledge on all facets of the hotel and hospitality industry. He’s a leader who knows how to turn a hotel into something that is truly a destination. Joining the show this week is General Manager at the upcoming Regent Santa Monica Beach, Younes Atallah!

Younes sits down with Dan Ryan to discuss his time in the industry, and the role of the General Manager. Younes shares his management strategies, the importance of exceptional programming, and why collaboration is a crucial skill for any member of your team.

  • Hospitality is an inherent concept of treating others with warmth and care, extending from our homes to the hotel industry. It comes from the heart and is about treating people as you would treat them in your house. 
  • Continuous improvement is essential in any talent, whether it's sports, music, or acting.In the hospitality industry, teamwork and constant challenge are essential for improving the skills and talents of staff.
  • Relationships and being a skilled generalist are crucial in the dynamic world of hotel management. The ability to manage teams, juggle priorities, and reintroduce brands requires constant dedication and expertise.
  • Providing exceptional programming is crucial for hotels to exceed guest expectations and create memorable experiences. Comfortable accommodations are expected by guests, but it's the added features and activities that truly make a hotel stand out.
  • Regularly engaging with people and observing their behavior by walking around is a valuable management practice. It offers opportunities to understand their desires and motivations, leading to impactful insights and positive outcomes.
  • The pandemic has made it increasingly difficult to find good people and talent, especially in industries like hospitality. Management teams should look to foster internal talent, and help employees grow in ways that excites them.
  • Growing up in a family that owned a travel agency, Younes experienced hospitality from an early age. The experience led to a deep connection with the hotel industry and a career pathway shaped by a memorable vacation.

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  • “There's very, very few, if any, positions in a hotel where individual contributors actually exist.” - Younes Atallah


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Creating Legions Of Raving Fans - Younes Atallah - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 124
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