With The Right Canvas You Can Build Anything - Ethan Orley - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 126

Our guest this week is an accomplished hospitality leader with around 15 years of experience. He believes that both old and new properties alike can be transformed into engaging and thoughtful spaces. Please welcome Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Oliver Hospitality, Ethan Orley!

Ethan joins Host Dan Ryan for a discussion on the challenges of creating #1 ranking hotels from the right canvas. Ethan shares tips for successful business partnerships, the importance of multiple guest activities, and how building characters for your narrative creates immersive guest experiences. 

  • Hospitality is a creative canvas to provide exceptional products and services, exceeding guests' expectations with unique experiences in both hotels and restaurants. It offers the opportunity to reimagine spaces and leave a lasting impression on visitors.
  • Investors are primarily driven by financial returns, emphasizing the significance of structuring projects correctly. In addition, the challenge of pursuing unique and innovative ventures sets a pathway for success in a market that demands differentiation.
  • Starting a new business venture can be daunting, taking the leap and starting small is a lower risk option. Starting with a feasible amount to manage lets you closely control operations, and work in refinements without becoming overwhelmed.  
  • A successful partnership thrives on trust, honesty, and shared goals, while requiring continuous effort and hard work. Collaboration and complementary skills contribute to the growth and success of the partnership.
  • Maintaining a strong focus on beverage sales is crucial for restaurants and hotels, as it offers higher profit margins compared to food sales. By strategically entertaining guests and creating multi-dimensional experiences, businesses can maximize their revenue potential.
  • While many brands focus on their design guidelines, they should instead focus on how a character would interact with the narrative they are creating. By designing around the actions of the character, you create an experience that naturally immerses guests. 
  • When renovating a hotel, the only thing you can control is your entry point. While operation costs and renovations can easily run more than expected, the cost to purchase stays fixed. 

Quote of the Show:
  • “It's a good sign when they take all the collateral, it means you've done something well, and it's the price of being memorable.” - Ethan Orley


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With The Right Canvas You Can Build Anything - Ethan Orley - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 126
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