Creating Events That Bring People Together - Keisha Byrd - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 129

On this episode, we’re joined by a show director who puts together some of the hospitality industry’s most popular events. Please welcome to the show, Brand Leader & Associate Show Director - Boutique Design at Emerald, Keisha Byrd! 
Keisha joins Host Dan Ryan to share what makes a successful event. Keisha highlights the importance of finding the right people, the satisfaction that comes from pulling off a successful event, and the ways students can get the most out of events. 

  • Hospitality is about creating welcoming experiences, bringing people together, and making everyone feel like they belong. It is important to prioritize these aspects in order to foster a sense of unity and promote meaningful connections.
  • When it comes to putting together an amazing event, the right people make it a success. Your attendees are likely to forget the food and beverages that were served, but they will remember the conversations had and connections made. 
  • Putting on an event is a lot of work, but the feedback and positive messages make it all worth it. Hearing feedback from attendees not only makes you feel appreciated, but also helps shape future events. 
  • When vendors ask for a better space or more square footage, those are both signs of an event well done. Additional signs of success include the feedback from attendees who have found your event to be a useful resource. 
  • As events grow and evolve, there is an increased focus on highlighting specific designs. Future events will still feature a traditional expo hall, but will start to incorporate open houses that highlight both specific designs and their designers.  
  • Setting goals, being patient, and staying true to yourself are key factors in achieving personal growth and success. It is crucial to persevere and remain dedicated to your journey, as progress takes time and self-belief.
  • Listening and being patient with others, while embracing creativity and continuous learning, are valuable skills for events. These help to improve event experiences and foster constructive growth.

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  • “Knowing that what we're doing is actually connecting everyone to do business, that's what we're here for.” - Keisha Byrd


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Creating Events That Bring People Together - Keisha Byrd - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 129
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