Owning Your Results - Hector Sanchez - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 132

Joining the show this week is an experienced executive who has a history of driving brands to success. Please welcome to the show, Head of Development for Ashford Inc and CEO at Premier, a subsidiary of Ashford, Hector Sanchez!

Hector sits down with Host Dan Ryan to share the lessons he has learned from his time in the hospitality industry. Hector dives into the importance of owning mistakes when they happen, the challenges of aligning on budget, and how to build teams that play to their members’ strengths. 

  • Hospitality is the act of serving people and creating unique experiences that they can share with others. It plays a crucial role in creating memorable moments and fostering connections between individuals.
  • Taking responsibility and providing a solution is crucial in resolving issues effectively, as it demonstrates accountability and ownership, unlike finger-pointing and avoiding responsibility.
  • Ownership groups in the hotel industry typically do not bring various functions, such as project management, in-house. While some may handle design and project management internally, they often rely on external firms for expertise and assistance.
  • As a newcomer to the hospitality industry, it’s important to take note of the small details around you. Observing how other projects came to fruition and noting their nuances will help you ramp up your design knowledge.
  • While having a holistic understanding of your industry is beneficial, it doesn’t mean you need to be an expert in every discipline. Play to your strengths and build a team whose members fill in each other’s gaps. 
  • The disconnect between budget and creativity in the hospitality industry can be a large challenge. Being mindful of budget constraints while fostering creativity is crucial for successful project execution.

Quote of the Show:
  • “To me, it's just about how you react to those issues? Do you just hide from them? Do you ignore the calls or do you rise up?” - Hector Sanchez


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Owning Your Results - Hector Sanchez - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 132
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