Collect The Dots To Connect The Dots - Jessica Gidari - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 136

Our guest this week has a passion for creating restaurants that redefine the dining experience. With the innate ability to take a concept and turn it into reality, she drives innovation in the industry. Welcome to the show, Senior Director of Design & Concept Development at Union Square Events, Jessica Gidari!

Dan Ryan hosts Jessica to delve into her approach to creating unique restaurant experiences and her understanding of true hospitality. Jessica shares the importance of collecting the dots, discusses her experiences with Union Square Hospitality, and explores the power of hospitality in all aspects of life and business.

  • Hospitality is the act of doing something for someone rather than just doing it to them. While it may be customary to offer complimentary drinks, a customer may not want them, thus putting the customer in an awkward situation. 
  • Active listening and making connections are key elements in collecting valuable information. Utilizing these skills allows for effective networking and the facilitation of beneficial collaborations.
  • Making meaningful connections with others can unlock the magic of building strong relationships, fostering teamwork, and enhancing personal growth. These connections create moments of excitement and shared understanding that can have a lasting impact.
  • A cohesive combination of design, atmosphere, and narrative in a space can create a powerful and memorable experience. Ensuring all elements align and speak the same language enhances the overall impact and leaves a lasting impression on visitors.
  • Prompt problem-solving is crucial in the hospitality industry, ensuring a seamless experience for guests even in challenging situations. By swiftly addressing issues and offering suitable alternatives, restaurants can uphold customer satisfaction.
  • Hospitality should start by warmly welcoming guests and understanding their purpose for visiting. By paying attention to their cues and preferences, you can offer appropriate suggestions to enhance their experience.
  • Hospitality is crucial in corporate environments, as it creates a sense of belonging and pride for employees while enhancing their overall experience. Incorporating innovative food and beverage concepts helps foster a positive and engaging work environment.

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  •  “Hospitality is when you do something for someone rather than to someone.” - Jessica Gidari


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Collect The Dots To Connect The Dots - Jessica Gidari - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 136
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