Finding Success In Constraints - Dan Welborn- Defining Hospitality - Episode # 145

Our guest this week is a global design and development leader who excels at hospitality. With over 25 years of experience, he helps developers and owners turn their vision into reality. Joining us is Principal at DW Design Strategy, Dan Welborn!

Dan and Host Dan Ryan chat about his journey into the hospitality industry. Dan dives into what it takes to be a good leader, the importance of aligning decisions with business goals, strategies for getting unstuck, and why as a solo practitioner you’re selling yourself everyday.

  • Hospitality is about blending all aspects of design into one. You are combining residential, guest rooms, office space, and convention spaces. In hospitality you get to create a building with one unified experience. 
  • While planning is critical for any project's success, it doesn’t happen as often as it should. Before implementing a PIP, take time to review and assess if everything is necessary. Having a tight plan to send to designers results in a better finished product. 
  • Knowing your goals from both a personal and business perspective will help you make better decisions. When deciding to pursue a project, attend a conference, or shift directions, aligning those decisions with your goals creates better outcomes. 
  • As a sole proprietor, you are selling not only your business, but yourself as well. What matters most to clients is how you make them feel, and every interaction you have with your clients is a reflection of the work you do and who you are. 
  • Effective leadership in project management requires setting the tone early and ensuring continuous course corrections. It is crucial to actively engage with clients throughout the project and prioritize being present until the very end for a successful outcome.
  • When faced with a project deadlock, bringing in a fresh perspective and facilitating group discussions can help in finding innovative solutions. Utilizing visual tools like mind mapping can aid in visual problem-solving and spark creativity among team members.
  • The key to successful collaboration is openness and a willingness to explore solutions together, regardless of their size or experience. Embracing constraints and challenges in projects leads to innovative design solutions that wouldn't be possible in ideal scenarios.

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  • “I love a difficult, highly constrained project and problem to solve.” - Dan Welborn


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Finding Success In Constraints - Dan Welborn- Defining Hospitality - Episode # 145
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