Detox, Destress, And Discover - Leon Emmett - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 151

This week’s guest helps people detox, destress, and discover while surrounded by nature. Through meditation, breathwork, yoga, workshops, and more, he creates an environment of rejuvenation. Joining the show this week is Founder of Onze Retreats, Leon Emmett!

Leon dials in from the Jungle to join Host Dan Ryan on a journey of hospitality and self reflection. Leon shares the importance of motivating others through action, the need to trust the process, and why everyone should spend time outside of their comfort zone. 

  • The deepest feeling of hospitality can be felt when you are in someone’s family home. When someone opens their home to you, they are opening their heart to you and showing warmth and unconditional love. 
  • Healing retreats allow people an opportunity for more than just a relaxing day of yoga and meditation. Creating a welcoming space allows for guests to self reflect and realize their own potential for growth. 
  • Despite motivational words, many people need to make the decision to change of their own volition. Rather than merely provide motivation, living your values and inspiring others through your own actions can help them take the next step. 
  • Hospitality attracts people from all walks of life, and having services to reflect that is important. Having a written list or experience portfolio allows guests to customize their ideal retreat. 
  • As life ebbs and flows, it’s important to trust the process. As there are highs and lows, observe what is happening and choose to be in the middle. Making the best of your situation helps keep you grounded. 
  • It’s only when you’re out of your comfort zone when you start to experience what’s possible. Through guidance, you can try new experiences and open yourself up to vulnerability, paving the way for improvement. 

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  • “Where do we spend most of our time and how much of our time do we spend on the periphery of our comfort zone?” - Leon Emmett


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Detox, Destress, And Discover - Leon Emmett - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 151
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