Reimagining Spaces - Jun Aizaki - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 154

For a vision to come to fruition, there must be a level of persistence to make it happen. Here to share his insight is a designer skilled in interior and custom furniture. Please welcome the Owner and Founder of CRÈME, Jun Aizaki.

Host Dan Ryan and guest Jun Aizaki discuss CRÈME’s award winning Gourd project. Jun dives into how he finds inspiration for new projects, shares his early career and what led him to be a successful designer, and reveals advice to future innovators on the mentality needed to be successful.

  • Hospitality revolves around the service you provide for guests, and the problems you solve for them. By providing meaningful solutions, you make someone’s life richer, more interesting, and more practical.
  • Persistence is key when it comes to stating your vision. Having the mentality of not taking no for an answer goes a long way, by forcing yourself to try different directions, you may stumble upon new solutions. 
  • When it comes to working towards what you want, you may have to put in extra time and effort. While it may not be time that your getting paid for, if you continue to put in the extra hours, the results will pay off
  • When creating a new project, inspiration should come from the uniqueness of the environment around you. Each design should tell a story and be special in order to capture the eyes of others.
  • Creativity can strike at any moment, and having a way to capture it is crucial. Keeping a sketchbook or digital tablet on you at all times allows you to put pen to paper whenever an idea pops into mind. 
  • The gourd project was born out of a need to replace single use plastic drinking cups in the hospitality industry. By growing a gourd in a cup shaped mold, you are left with a disposable option that biodegrades safely. 
  • Good design comes from the minds of many, rather than a solo visionary. Encouraging communication and empowering your team creates products that draw on the strength of diverse backgrounds.

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  • “If you can dream something up, there's always a way to get there.” - Jun Aizaki


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Reimagining Spaces - Jun Aizaki - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 154
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