Crossing The Threshold Of Hospitality - Eran Chen - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 157

In this engaging episode, Dan sits down with Eran Chen, renowned architect and the founder of ODA. Chen discusses his journey from starting his own firm in 2007 to becoming an influential figure in urban design, teaching at Columbia and NYU. The conversation dives into the significance of hospitality in architecture and the importance of saying 'yes' to various opportunities. Eranalso explores his innovative concepts like the 'Flying Dormer' and shares insights into his books.. They discuss the importance of understanding zoning laws, balancing creativity with regulations, and envisioning a more sustainable, connected future for urban living.

  • Hospitality has evolved from offering a uniform "home away from home" experience to providing authentic, culturally rich interactions that reflect local customs and traditions. Embracing this cultural authenticity in designs creates unique experiences for visitors.
  • Embrace the journey of unknowns in your professional pursuits, as it can lead to amazing and impactful work. Stay true to your core beliefs and principles despite challenges and assignments, as they refine and strengthen your practice.
  • When running a firm and taking on new clients, it's crucial to ensure mutual respect and collaboration, seeing clients as partners in the creative process. Decline projects where clients do not value this process of discovery, even if they offer the biggest commissions.
  • The key to defining yourself in a noisy world is to genuinely understand what drives you, and then find effective ways to convey that authenticity. Embrace the gaps in your creative journey, as these transitional spaces are where true innovation occurs.
  • Intergenerational collaboration fosters personal growth and enriches project outcomes. By acting as both leader and collaborator, one can guide and provide valuable feedback, mirroring the relationship between a good professor and their students.
  • Don't be discouraged by regulations. Instead, understanding the rules allows you to creatively break them. Mastering the tools at hand is essential for architects, regardless of location.

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  • “As we go along we don't know where we're going and we love that.” - Eran Chen


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Crossing The Threshold Of Hospitality - Eran Chen - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 157
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