The Evolution Of Design - Julie Frank - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 159

Today’s guest is a creative thinker with a unique understanding of the spaces she designs. Please welcome to the show, Vice President of Design at Aspen Hospitality Julie Frank. Julie joins Host Dan Ryan to share her journey from Architect to VP. Julie discusses her philosophy on hospitality, the importance of seizing opportunities, and how to blend spaces with the environments around them.

  • Hospitality is any act that helps make people feel like a better version of their day to day selves. By taking their experiences and enhancing whatever they are seeking, you are delivering true hospitality. 
  • Attending industry events and building relationships is crucial once you're on the ownership side or involved with a brand or development. Having contacts you can rely on to address issues as they arise is paramount. 
  • It’s important to respect the historical significance of spaces when incorporating modern brand experiences. By blending homage to the past with the unique elements of the modern brand, one can create a harmonious and impactful fusion.
  • It’s important to incorporate fun and creativity into design to engage people more effectively, rather than relying solely on teaching. In large-scale projects like museums, the visionary gestures often come from the top, with the rest focused on implementation.
  • The best way to understand frustrations in any job is to experience them from all perspectives; embrace job changes to gain a broader understanding of professional dynamics and improve your ability to work harmoniously across different sectors.
  • The ideal home-away-from-home experience is a relaxing and inviting space where one can feel at ease and explore the local area. To fully enjoy a property, guests should have both the comfort of well-designed rooms and relaxing communal spaces.

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  • “I wanted people to learn through spaces.” - Julie Frank


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The Evolution Of Design - Julie Frank - Defining Hospitality - Episode # 159
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