Finding Curiosity - Ron Lovett - Episode # 086

Today’s guest is an entrepreneur and leader with a passion for change. He’s the host of the podcast “Scaling Culture” and the author of a couple of books - Outrageous Empowerment & Scaling Culture. Ron Lovett is the Founder and Chief Community Officer at VIDA. Ron joins the host Dan Ryan to share his hospitality journey and what it all means to him.
  • When you are looking at building your business, you want to cut 10% of the company out and own 70% of that 10% that you saved for yourself. 
  • If you break down great customer service, it comes down to the ability to care for those around you and put yourself in their shoes.
  • If you are adding new members to your team, consider trying to find out how they would react to something in the real world. This way you can see who they are as a person instead of just hiring someone because they smile and seem nice.
  • You can’t teach empathy as a skill. It’s something that you are either born with or you won’t be able to learn the skill.
  • Having core values as a company is incredibly important as they are your guiding light, but when it comes to interviews you don’t need to screen potential hires based on your core values. Instead you can screen for other factors.
  • During difficult times, it’s important to look at the things that are going right and try to brighten your current viewpoint. 
  • When you design a new space, you want to create a sense of community and belonging for everyone that lives there. 
Quote of the Show:
10:41 “If you think what attribute drives excellent customer service,it's the ability to care for those around you to put yourself in someone else's shoes.”
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1:29 MIT
4:12 Verne Harnish
6:35 Uncommon Service by Frances Frei
10:34 John DiJulius
11:36 Danny Meyer
11:41 Setting the Table by Danny Meyer
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Finding Curiosity - Ron Lovett - Episode # 086
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