Hospitality Influences Everything - Alex Lopatynsky - Episode # 090

Today’s guest is passionate about the design of communities, spaces, and experiences that connect people. She is an architect, innovator, and culture advocate. Alex Lopatynsky is a Principal & The Managing Director of the NY Office at Cooper Carry. Alex joins the host Dan Ryan to talk about her views on hospitality and what it all means to her.
  • Hospitality doesn’t necessarily have to be about the place itself where you are staying. It’s more about the feeling you receive from the employees and the feeling the room gives you when you arrive. 
  • Even at the smallest of spaces, or minimally designed spaces, as long as you are welcoming people as if you are welcoming them to your home then it will be a memorable experience.
  • The hospitality industry has been a big influence on many aspects, not just hotels. Nowadays, a business will look at gathering spaces for their employees or design rooms in a certain way to make people feel welcome.
  • Culture and hospitality have interconnecting points where they interact with each other. Culture is looked at as the human element and hospitality can bring everyone together.
  • Our best work and best collaboration is often done in person. Humans by nature are social creatures and there are great opportunities to enhance an idea of design when talking with a co-worker or friend.
  • There is a lot of value in having people come to the office. It allows for people to interact with each other and feel connected to everyone around them.
  • Everyone brings a unique perspective to solving issues within the hospitality industry, which allows the industry to expand with new ideas. 
Quote of the Show:
1:27 “Hospitality is less about, in my mind, the physical place, but it's the emotional feeling you experience from entering it.”
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Hospitality Influences Everything - Alex Lopatynsky - Episode # 090
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