Enriching Lives - Daniel del Olmo - Episode # 092

Today’s guest is a leader and motivator who champions involvement. He is an innovative problem solver and has a progressive record of achievements with significant experience in global business strategy. Daniel del Olmo is the President of Hotels and Restaurants at Sage Hospitality Group. Daniel joins the host Dan Ryan to share his views on the hospitality industry and talks about how enriching lives can lead to a better experience for everyone.
  • The true purpose of hospitality is to enrich the lives of the guests, associates and the communities that you serve. You want to have a positive impact on the people who are coming into your restaurant or your hotel, and without having that impact then hospitality truly can’t be reached.
  • There’s no way to get a better sense of how your culture is thriving within your company than spending time with your team. Take the time to sit down and hear what members of your team are saying and see what you can do to help them.
  • There is a misconception that you need to have worked in operations or previously worked as a general manager at a hotel to be promoted to being a general manager. You could be in almost any position to be promoted to a general manager as long as you show the skills and determination to do the job right.
  • Many people have heard of having a work/life balance, but there is also work/life presence. This is a newer mindset where instead of focusing on how many hours someone works, you focus on what they do in those hours and what work they get done.
  • Providing competitive benefits and having a positive reputation with your employees is a great way to attract more people to work with you, and it will help you retain employees as well.
  • There is a tangible energy with a company that is creating a positive culture and that energy will bring the right people to your company. 
  • As a leader, it’s important to have each member of your team contribute to the greater good and have everyone on the same page to achieve the same company goal. You want people to feel like they belong to something so special in the making.
Quote of the Show:
1:41 “Hospitality then for me is really about enriching lives.”

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0:48 The Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS)
23:10 Danny Meyer
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47:14 Winning on Purpose by Fred Reichheld
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Enriching Lives - Daniel del Olmo - Episode # 092
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