A Sense of Found - Dan Mazzarini - Episode # 098

Today’s guest uses the spaces he creates to tell a story, all while re-imagining the visual landscape through stylish, spirited and sophisticated design. Currently, he is working on a diverse array of residential and commercial projects, including high profile hotels, restaurants, and retail. Please welcome to the show, Dan Mazzarini! Dan is the Owner and Creative Director at BHDM Design. He joins the host Dan Ryan to share his views on the hospitality industry and what it means to him. 

  • Hospitality boils down to two key components; Anticipating the guests needs and exceeding their expectations. Without these being in place then it is not true hospitality you are delivering.
  • The longer that Dan has spent in the design field, the more he has realized that it is more of a service field. It’s all about the end user and the notion of trying to meet their needs while going above and beyond what they expect. 
  • While working at Ralph Lauren, Dan spent time helping people with their apartments on the weekends. During this time he discovered that not only does he like retail, but he was also enjoying the relationships with personal clients. 
  • One thing that holds people back from following their dreams is their fear. But if you think about the worst case scenario for starting your own business, it’s worth the risk to try and venture out on your own.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the better option or to underscore the importance or value of something that is authentic. This will help set you apart from the rest of the designers as no two people will have the same idea of authentic design.
  • It’s important to evolve your business as time goes on. Don’t be afraid to take a chance and work on a project that is unfamiliar to you as it can help you grow in a tremendous way.
  • Designers for hospitality are in the business of building spaces for people to come together and experience the physical environments around them.

Quote of the Show:

3:19 “I think [hospitality] is really about two small things. One is anticipating needs and the second is exceeding expectations.”


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A Sense of Found - Dan Mazzarini - Episode # 098
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