Defining Modern Luxury - Roy Kim - Defining Hospitality - Episode #150

If you’ve ever gazed across the New York City skyline, you’ve likely admired the work of this week’s guest. His work has defined modern luxury apartments. Please welcome to the show, Chief Design Officer at Extell, Roy Kim!

Roy sits down with Dan to explore his journey in the world of hospitality, and how Extell is leading the world of development. Roy also shares why service outweighs design, the importance of considering the view in the design process, and how to build a team of experts. 

  • Hospitality has two components, spatial and service. In many cases, the service aspect outweighs design. The way you treat and take care of guests will stay with them longer than the design choices. 
  • When choosing amenities for a project, you need to consider two different types. First are common amenities missing from the area, and second are unique amenities that will help draw people to the building. 
  • When laying out a building, consider the sequences of spaces that a guest will experience. The flow that a guest takes will combine with the fit and finish to create an overall feeling of a quality space. 
  • When designing the layout of a building it’s important to consider the view from each room. Often overlooked in the design process, the view plays a large part in how a resident feels about their apartment. 
  • While having consistent room layouts makes operations easier, you may end up with small gaps. Assessing the layouts more individually allows you to maximize your square footage
  • A design team does not need to be large to be successful. To maximize the potency of your team, ensure that each employee is an expert. Additionally, all your decision makers need to actually be making decisions. 

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  • “Without the service there really is no hospitality.” - Roy Kim


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Defining Modern Luxury - Roy Kim - Defining Hospitality - Episode #150
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