A Vision of Collaboration - Staci Patton - Episode # 055

Staci Patton is a Principal of Hospitality Interior Design Director at DLR Group. She's a passionate and creative designer who creates indigenous and authentically curated spaces. Staci joins host Dan Ryan to talk about her journey through #hospitality and how she brings her southern hospitality charm and collaborative effort to a wonderful industry.

  • Leadership in the hospitality industry is incredibly important and it can lead to new ideas in the industry.
  • Innovation can bring different perspectives to a project and can help separate you from others in your field.
  • Hospitality is the soul and spirit of how we welcome people in. It’s not limited to just hotels and restaurants.
  • Southern hospitality is a big influence for the meaning of hospitality as it provides people with a sense of feeling welcomed and at home.
  • You want to make others feel like you are working together, especially with clients. You want them to feel like it’s a collaborative effort.
  • As a leader, it is your responsibility to teach others and have them reach their highest points so that they can become a leader themselves and continue the cycle.
  • Putting others first is a key trait in this industry. You want to make sure there is space to grow for others and have their ideas heard.
  • A lot of people have left the hospitality industry during the pandemic, and now with things returning to normal there is a staffing shortage and it makes it more complicated to work on a project.

Quote of the Show:
16:35 “It's the soul and the spirit of how we welcome people in. It doesn't have to be a hotel. It doesn't have to be a restaurant. it's really about how you welcome someone in and what are those delights that you want them to receive?”


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A Vision of Collaboration - Staci Patton - Episode # 055
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