The Alchemy of Collaboration - Jeremy Selman - Episode # 080

Today’s guest is a hospitality champion and an ingenious thought leader. He is a lifestyle hotel advisor and entrepreneur. Jeremy Selman is the Principal at Fishtown Collective and HN Capital Partners. Jeremy is breaking the mold of luxury for hospitality and wants to give each guest an experience that is unique to them and brings a smile to their face. Jeremy joins the host Dan Ryan to share his thoughts about the hospitality industry and what it means to him.
  • In hospitality, you are touching upon all human needs. In a hotel, you are given the opportunity to provide a holistic experience to every guest in a way that dining can’t reach.
  • The traditional standard of luxury was where the brand defined what luxury was and delivered that in a formulaic way. Jeremy is focusing on the ability to read a guest and understand what will make them smile. 
  • A hotelier is similar to a conductor or producer on a movie set in the sense that they manage the big-picture items going on. Hoteliers' taste often changes with age as well, so you shouldn’t base your designs on taste at the exact moment. 
  • Being a hotelier requires a high level of collaboration in order to make sure everything runs smoothly. If everyone isn’t on the same page or rowing in the same direction, then the end goal can’t be achieved. 
  • In the hospitality industry, you can’t be afraid to try new ideas. Not everything will work, but it’s worth pioneering and trying to see if there is a new way to uplift an old project or create a new idea from scratch. 
  • When going into a new market, you have to really believe that you can get people to buy into what you are presenting and reach the goal of having a beautiful space that all can enjoy. 
  • Jeremy is excited about the challenge of balancing technology and service in the hospitality industry. 
Quote of the Show:
“I think culture is something that needs to be openly spoken about and talk.” - Jeremy Selman
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The Alchemy of Collaboration - Jeremy Selman - Episode # 080
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