Learning From the Team - Oswaldo Barrios - Episode # 081

Today’s guest is a hospitality guru. He’s an innovative industry leader who is an architect by training as well as a raving fan of interior design. Oswaldo Barrios is the Senior Director of Design & Project Management Luxury Brands at Marriott International. After getting a degree in Architecture in Venezuela, he started from the bottom and worked his way to a very important role at Marriott. Oswaldo joins the host Dan Ryan to share more about his journey through hospitality and how he sees this industry through his eyes.
  • When it comes to the hospitality industry, it’s ok to question why things are done in a certain way. This can lead to a new emergence of ideas or help to create a beautiful space. 
  • Hospitality is a combination of multiple different senses, ranging from how you feel about something and the experience that you are getting out of a space, to how the space feels and smells. It’s a very carefully done process to bring out the best in any space. 
  • Putting together a memorable space and experience is almost like being on a stage. You want to make sure that all the pieces are in the right spaces and that everyone is doing their part to make it run smoothly.
  • There is a certain level of detail that goes into hospitality that overlaps with architecture as well. These two aspects can be combined to help create a memorable experience in a space that evokes an emotional response. 
  • It’s important for everybody to know their role in a design project and to protect that role because if you don’t then you can end up with a mishmash of ideas and the piece won’t be as creative or strong.
  • The hardest part of any design project is getting the teams and donors to understand the non-public areas that you need to serve as a product. 
  • When it comes to working on a hotel, you develop a really strong relationship with everyone who was a part of the project.
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"Hospitality is a combination between what you feel and the experience that you get into the space." - Oswaldo Barrios 
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Learning From the Team - Oswaldo Barrios - Episode # 081
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